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[1.12.2] Biome Decoration


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Quick question. I am setting up my Biome and it is relatively basic. I would just like to know what needs to be done to replace the stone generation, so I can replace all of the Stone with my own custom Stone. I know there is:


topBlock and fillerBlock


and I use both of them. I usually do my topBlock set to my custom grass and the filler block is set to the custom stone, however I am trying to get a bit better with decoration of biomes. So now I want to try and do the topBlock as my custom grass and the fillerBlock as my custom dirt, so it gives that nice uniform look and simply replace some of the SmoothStone with my own custom SmoothStone. I know there are different gens available but I don't think I saw a stone gen. So any help/shove in the right direction would be beneficial. 


Here is the simple Biome class. I didn't pastebin it because it is quite small. Like I said it is a very basic and simple biome, at least for now.


package halestormxv.world.biomes;

import halestormxv.entity.EntityCultist;
import halestormxv.init.BlockInit;
import halestormxv.objects.blocks.BlockDirts;
import halestormxv.objects.blocks.BlockStones;
import halestormxv.utils.handlers.EnumHandlerStone;
import halestormxv.utils.handlers.EnumHandlerWood;
import halestormxv.world.gen.generators.WorldGenMysticTree;
import net.minecraft.entity.monster.*;
import net.minecraft.world.biome.Biome;
import net.minecraft.world.gen.feature.WorldGenAbstractTree;

import java.util.Random;

public class BiomeMysticLands extends Biome
    protected static final WorldGenAbstractTree TREE = new WorldGenMysticTree();

    public BiomeMysticLands()
        super(new BiomeProperties("Mystic Lands").setBaseHeight(0.2f).setHeightVariation(0.8f).setTemperature(0.06f).setWaterColor(12013822).setSnowEnabled());
        //topBlock = BlockInit.DIRT.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockDirts.VARIANT, EnumHandlerWood.EnumTypeWood.MYSTIC);
        topBlock = BlockInit.MYSTIC_GRASS.getDefaultState();
        //fillerBlock = BlockInit.BLOCK_STONES.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockStones.VARIANT, EnumHandlerStone.EnumTypeStone.MYSTIC_SMOOTHSTONE);
        fillerBlock = BlockInit.DIRT.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockDirts.VARIANT, EnumHandlerWood.EnumTypeWood.MYSTIC);

        //this.decorator.coalGen = new WorldGenMinable(Blocks.COAL_BLOCK.getDefaultState(), 4);
        this.decorator.generateFalls = true;
        this.decorator.treesPerChunk = 2;
        this.decorator.bigMushroomsPerChunk = 3;


        this.spawnableMonsterList.add(new SpawnListEntry(EntityCultist.class, 6, 1, 3));
        this.spawnableMonsterList.add(new SpawnListEntry(EntityZombie.class, 10, 2, 6));
        this.spawnableMonsterList.add(new SpawnListEntry(EntitySkeleton.class, 4, 2, 8));
        this.spawnableMonsterList.add(new SpawnListEntry(EntityMagmaCube.class, 2, 1, 2));


    public WorldGenAbstractTree getRandomTreeFeature(Random rand)
        return TREE;
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