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[1.12.2] Issue can't see custom mobs


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Hello i need your help i try to register and Spawn "Custom Mobs" with Vanilla id. Its a Serverside only mod.


    public void entityRegistration(final RegistryEvent.Register<EntityEntry> event)
   (I try both seperat) 	EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(new ResourceLocation("minecraft", "bat"), NEntityBat.class, "superBat", 65, this, 100, 20, false);
    (I try both seperat)	event.getRegistry().register( EntityEntryBuilder.create().entity(NEntityBat.class).name("superBat").id(new ResourceLocation("minecraft", "bat"), 65).tracker(160, 2, false).build());


(NEntityBat  extents EntityBat)


NEntityBat bat = new NEntityBat(world);


the Entity flyes arround and is Alive (Debug output from NEntityBat#onUpdate()) but Clintside nothing Happens

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35 minutes ago, theCVDH said:



35 minutes ago, theCVDH said:

Clintside nothing Happens

You cannot make any new objects on one side and expect the other to know what the hell is going on.
Rendering is done on the client. Here, there's no renderer for, nor any idea what the hell an NEntityBat is.

Further more, this will break Entities for other mods.
Server & Client each have their own registry with entities. What you're doing, is de-syncing the entity registries between server & client. The entity-type at position X in the registry on the server should always equal the same entity-type at position X on the client.
This will lead to issues for other mods registering their entities after you.


What you're doing is not possible, not without breaking Minecraft

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But it was Possible in 1.8 By using global ids. It also has the Default rederer for Bat an i use the correct Networkid so the client should think its a typical Bat.


Is there another way to Manipulate entities (Only behavior) that don't need to extens them?

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1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:

Yes. Depends on the type of behavior you want to change. The AI task controllers (EntityLiving::tasks and EntityLiving::targetTasks) are public and can be changed, the event for this would be EntityJoinWorldEvent.

If that does not suit your needs, post specifics about what you want to change.

I need to manipulate NBT writing and need Acsess to the OnUpdate method but why its impossible to Handle it serverside like NEntityBat and Clientside as EntityBat how i have to maipulate the Registry that server Send it as EntityBat to client but handle it like NEntityBat and why it worked in lower versions like 1.8 but not in 1.12.2 what changed?

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I whant to Update my Hologram API therefore i create Armourstands items and Slimes as Touchhandler
They sould be able to move softly around (Dont jump) i currently do this inside the OnUpdateMethod also they have to die without passanger

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Sorry for bad English :D
Where in the Forgecode the Server tells the client Witch Class to use to handle for example entity spawning. I thought the Entity NetworkID tells the Client how to handle the Packet and what kind of mob it is

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Ah i see

if (net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.EntityRegistry.instance().tryTrackingEntity(this, entityIn)) return;


this line is the Reason for the "Problem" or? So if this Line would be modify to

if (!(entityIn instanceof NEntityBat)&& net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.EntityRegistry.instance().tryTrackingEntity(this, entityIn)) return;


it will handled as Vanilla bat?

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