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Custom Texture Loading From Outside The Mod's JAR


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I am doing a web map client inside Minecraft, and I am facing a problem.

This kind of maps uses 256*256 tiles which I download from the internet at run time and save to a directory inside the .minecraft directory. I then need to render them on a GUI in the game, and that's were the problem is: I can't get how I am supposed to properly load a texture from a given file BufferedImage (bypassing the minecraft ResourceLocation system). I  believe I do not fully understand how Minecraft handles texture handling, could someone explain it?


This is what I am currently doing:

public class TileTexture extends SimpleTexture{

	//A class holding informations about the tile (position, zoom level, and a BufferedImage (which is the texture I need)
	protected ImageWebTile tile;
	 * @param textureResourceLocation
	public TileTexture(ResourceLocation textureResourceLocation, ImageWebTile tile) {
		this.tile = tile;
	public void loadTexture(IResourceManager resourceManager) throws IOException{

        BufferedImage bufferedimage = tile.getImage();
        TextureUtil.uploadTextureImageAllocate(this.getGlTextureId(), bufferedimage, false, false);



public class GuiTiledMap extends Gui{

	 * The position of the map on the GUI
	protected int x;
	protected int y;
	 * Its dimensions
	protected int width;
	protected int height;
	protected boolean visible;
	protected boolean hovered;
	protected TiledMap<?> map; //An object representing the map itself
	// Delta of the position of the map (in pixel)
	protected long upperLeftX;
	protected long upperLeftY;
	protected float zoomLevel;
	public GuiTiledMap(int x, int y, int width, int height, TiledMap<?> map) {
		this.x = x;
		this.y = y;
		this.width = width;
		this.height = height;
		this.visible = true;
		this.hovered = false;
		this.map = map;
		this.zoomLevel = map.getZoomLevel();
		this.upperLeftX = 0;
		this.upperLeftY = 0;
	public void draw() {
		Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft();
		TextureManager textureManager = mc.getTextureManager();
		ImageWebTile upperLeftTile = this.map.getTileAt(this.upperLeftX, this.upperLeftY);
		ImageWebTile tile = upperLeftTile;
		int renderSize = getTileRenderSize(tile);
		long maxX = this.upperLeftX + this.width;
		long maxY = this.upperLeftX + this.width;
		while(tile.getY() * renderSize < maxY) {
            //The problem is here, I need to reload the texture into the same resource location everytime, which is far from ideal
					(int)(this.x + tile.getX() * renderSize - this.upperLeftX),
					(int)(this.y + tile.getY() * renderSize - this.upperLeftY),
					0, 0,
			if(tile.getX() * renderSize + renderSize >= maxX)
				tile = this.map.getTile(upperLeftTile.getX(), tile.getY() + 1);
				tile = this.map.getTile(tile.getX() + 1, tile.getY());
			renderSize = getTileRenderSize(tile);
     * Handles mouse input.
    public void handleMouseInput(){
        int i = Mouse.getDWheel();
        float z;

        if (i != 0){
            if (i > 0) z = 0.1f;
            else z = -0.1f;

    public void zoom(float val) {
    	if(this.zoomLevel + val > 0) this.zoomLevel += val;
    private void setTiledMapZoom() {
    public int getTileRenderSize(ImageWebTile tile) {
    	float factor = this.zoomLevel - (float)tile.getZoom();
    	int size = (int) (Math.pow(2, factor) * tile.getSideSize());
    	return size / 2;


public abstract class ImageWebTile implements Cachable {

	protected int x;
	protected int y;
	protected int zoom;
	protected int[] defaultPixel = {0, 0, 0, 0}; //What to return when the tile doesn't exist but should
	protected int size;
	protected BufferedImage image;
	protected ResourceLocation texture = null;

	public ImageWebTile(int size, int x, int y, int zoom) {

		this.x = x;
		this.y = y;
		this.zoom = zoom;
		this.size = size;


	public ImageWebTile(int size, int x, int y, int zoom, int[] defaultPixel) {

		this(size, x, y, zoom);
		this.defaultPixel = defaultPixel;


	public abstract URL getURL();

	public abstract String getFileName();

	public BufferedImage getImage() throws IOException, InvalidMapboxSessionException {
      	//Loads the BufferedImage if needed
		return this.image;
	public ResourceLocation getTexture() {
		if(true) { //TODO TEMP
        //I want to do something like this to avoid reloading the texture at each frame
		//if(this.texture == null) {
          	//This displays the debug texture (ping and black)
			//this.texture = new ResourceLocation(IRLW.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/maps/" + this.x + "/" + this.y + "/" + this.zoom);
          	//But this works (the file exists)
			this.texture = new ResourceLocation(IRLW.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/worldmap.png");
			Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft();
			TextureManager textureManager = mc.getTextureManager();
			textureManager.loadTexture(this.texture, new TileTexture(this.texture, this));
		return this.texture;
		//TODO We should be able to unload textures, there is a big memory leak there
	///// Various uninteresting getters and setters from here /////



Just tell me if want a git repo, I just haven't make one yet as it is still very early development.


I think a solution would be to have a custom ResourceLocation, but I currently can't find out how to that.


Thanks in advance!

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