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[1.10.2+] unspecific Question


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I dont have a specific Question. So this might border on Off-Topic but still I'd like help/tips/criticism.


I just finished my first mod (also my first java project, although I have experience in C++) and so far it works as desired. Eventhough the documentation of Forge is suboptimal (not really a complaint, as I understand the reasons for it), I could overcome all the Hiccups with searching the Forge Comments, the topics here and google in general.


While my code works, It might not always been the smart choice or I might have done things in a way that are not advisable.

Also beyond the testing that I have done already, there is little I can do to make sure my mod is bug free, except playing with it. Which I plan to do, afterall I made the mod for that reason ;).


The simple solution for both of those problems is experience, which I don't have. This brings me to the reason for the Topic.

I'd like to tap the experience of you guys to improve my mod and thereby my java/forge skills.


So if anyone would like to take a look at my code and give me pointers/hints/criticism, I'd very much appreciate any of it.



(I wanted the mod for 1.10.2 but I started with a 1.12.2 version and worked from there to 1.10.2, thats why there are 3 versions)

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