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[Solved] Item Recipe


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I have implemented a custom crafting system. To actually craft items you have to put a recipe item containing the recipe into the crafting table. how can i cycle through all the possible recipe from that item like in jei? (everything works: crafting, gui, tileentity and render) i only have problems with recipe where i ignore the metadata as i used the oredict wildcard value.


i could in theory put the "max" metadata into the item class itself so when the incrementing number (for rendering the item + meta) in the gui render hits that it starts at 0 again but i feel like there should be a better way, like a way to check wether an item has a registered model or something.


as it is now its something like this (ignore the exact calculation of displaying the item.):




edit: figured out the missing model check, but for future references: is there a way to check for relevant items e.g.: using the ItemDye in recipe ignoring metadata (thus using the oredict wildcard) and only cycle through all available dyes and not make the metadata go past it without hardcoding it for every single item i want to use. (not using the oredictionary entries for that item, which works,  but the item itself)

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