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[1.12.2] Sleeping in the nether


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Hi all,


I wanted to give players the possibility to sleep in the nether and/or the end.


Currently I was able to turn off the damn explosion after right clicking a bed in such world types. Now I'm stuck making the player sleep.


I tried:

public static void onPlayerRightClickBlock( RightClickBlock event )
    //some code to determine the world type ...
    SleepResult sR = event.getEntityPlayer().trySleep( event.getPos() );
    //sR returns EntityPlayer.SleepResult.NOT_POSSIBLE_HERE (in the nether)


Does anyone have an idea how to ship around this? I had a look at https://github.com/CallMeFoxie/BetterSleeping2 to see how CallMeFoxie patched that issue, but I've my troubles understanding what causes to sleep in the nether.


The main intension is (if I'm right) to ""overwrite"" the net.minecraft.world.WorldProviderHell via IClassTransformer?!


In the end it's the following line which I need to work-a-round: https://github.com/Creeperface01/MinecraftSource/blob/master/src/net/minecraft/entity/player/EntityPlayer.java#L1534


Another attempt would be to extend EntityPlayer, to overwrite the trySleep method and to create a new instance of that extended class based on EntityPlayer ... could that work?


Kind regards,


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