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My Modded Server stopped working out of the blue.

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So I have been playing on my modded server for like 2 weeks now, and it has worked fantastically, until yesterday afternoon, when I left the server running after I logged off because I had a mod grinder in a chunk loader and I wanted it to keep running for a little in order to maximize its yields. So basically after a little while I notice that the java window is no longer there and that it has apparently closed itself for some reason. Now, I'm pretty much the opposite of an IT genius and i get most of my very basic knowledge from tutorials, but even I could figure that the server shouldn't just close itself without me commanding it to do so, so I ran the server again and what do you know; it closed itself every time (after approximately 1 min., not sure if that's relevant). I have left it running before to allow my quarry to do some more work while I was off doing other stuff, and it hasn't malfunctioned then. Now, after having slept first and coming back freshly, I tried running it again, in the hopes that it was a one-time thing, but it still doesn't want to load. Sucks, 'cause I had a lot of plans with it. I'm going to need your help on this lads. I'll link the crash report and the logs (since that's what I've seen knowledgeable people ask for in every other thread when I was looking into whether there was a simple fix). 


Crash Report; https://pastebin.com/C7EizDCh


Latest Logs; https://github.com/ZeFlyinDutchman/Latest-Server-Logs/blob/master/LatsestServerLogs.md


(I hope that works)


Thanks in advance for sticking your necks out for me and especially for digging trough this massive patch of confusing logs!

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