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Method is not visible when trying to build mod, but in IDE it's fine.


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So I'm working on a feature for my mod. I reference another mod that I'm dependent on in an event handler. I use a method shown below, and while in my IDE the method shows no errors. When I try to build my mod through command prompt with gradlew build, I get an error saying that the the method is not visible.  I've tried cleaning my workspace, deleting and replacing the dependant mod jar, and restarting my computer.

The error:

error: getPlayerList() is not public in Session; cannot be accessed from outside package.


Where I reference the method:


	public void onConnectionCreated(ConnectionCreatedEvent e) {
		if(MinestuckArsenalConfig.connectionGrist) {
			int grist = 2 * 10^(e.getSession().getPlayerList().size());
			if(grist >= 2000000000) {
				grist = 2000000000;
			grist = grist - 20;
			GristHelper.increase(e.getConnection().getClientIdentifier(), new GristSet(GristType.Build, grist));



Method in question: 


	 * Creates a list with all players in the session.
	 * @return Returns a list with the players identifiers.
	public Set<PlayerIdentifier> getPlayerList()
		Set<PlayerIdentifier> list = new HashSet<PlayerIdentifier>();
		for(SburbConnection c : this.connections)
		return list;



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What about the Session class? Is it public? 


You haven't really given enough code to fully understand what you're trying to do. I'm not familiar with that event, is that a custom event? You said you have dependency to the other mod, are you sure you have that set up properly in your build.gradle and otherwise classpath? And is the other mod properly present for the build purpose?

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