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[1.12.2] Custom bed without TileEntity-based rendering?


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Hi all,


I am adding custom beds to my mod, that unlike the regular ones will display as low-lying blocks, think half-slab or a little smaller (this is intended to represent beds like Japanese futons or simple hay beds etc).


I could try and copy vanilla and have beds using tile entity rendering, but that seems unnecessarily complex and CPU-intensive for my purpose when block-based rendering is more than fine.


I tried extending BlockBed, extending TileEntityBed, and declaring an empty TileEntitySpecialRenderer for my custom TileEntity, but it stills overrides the block-based rendering - my bed is not displayed at all.


Any way around that? I know some blocks with tile entities still use normal rendering (like furnaces).


My bed block:


public class BlockMillBed extends BlockBed {
	public BlockMillBed(final String blockName) {

		setUnlocalizedName(Mill.MODID + "." + blockName);

	public TileEntity createNewTileEntity(final World worldIn, final int meta) {
		return new TileEntityMillBed();

	public boolean isBed(final IBlockState state, final IBlockAccess world, final BlockPos pos, @Nullable final Entity player) {
		return true;


My empty tile entity:


public class TileEntityMillBed extends TileEntityBed {



Empty renderer:


public class TileEntityMillBedRenderer extends TileEntitySpecialRenderer<TileEntityMillBed> {



Block and TE registration:


event.getRegistry().register(new BlockMillBed(MillBlockNames.BED_THATCH));
		GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityMillBed.class, Mill.MODID + ":" + MillBlockNames.BED_THATCH);


And renderer registration:


ClientRegistry.bindTileEntitySpecialRenderer(TileEntityMillBed.class, new TileEntityMillBedRenderer());


Oh and I've of course added a block state, bed_thatch.json:

    "multipart": [
        {   "apply": { "model": "millenaire:bed_thatch" }}


And a block model:

    "parent": "block/half_slab",
    "textures": {
        "bottom": "millenaire:blocks/thatch",
        "top": "millenaire:blocks/thatch",
        "side": "millenaire:blocks/thatch",
        "particle" : "millenaire:blocks/thatch"


Any ideas? Thanks!

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If you do not want a TESR then don't register it. An empty TESR still has it's render method called even if it doesn't do anything. You can have a TE without a TESR.

As for your issue - override Block#getRenderType and make it return EnumBlockRenderType.MODEL. BlockBed overrides that to return something else.

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