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1.12.2 Custom Biome Provider?


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Hey guys, so I am currently attempting to create my own dimension using a custom biome, and only that biome. I have a Chunk Generator, and a world type + world provider.

My issue is, my dimension does not generate using my biome unless I use BiomeProviderSingle in a world type. 

What I want, is for my dimension to be a single biome, but the overworld still generator normally. Meaning when I create a new world, I don't want to use my custom world type, I just want to use the standard world with a custom dimension added.

Do I need my own Biome Provider? or is there a place that I can specify for the dimension to only use one biome. 


Disclaimer, I am relatively new, so excuse me if I ask a stupid question.



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How do you want players to get to your dimension? Is it something they can choose in the "New World" menu? Or some other way to get there? 


You don't need a custom BiomeProvider, but you do need your own instance of a BiomeProvider and in your case you probably want BiomeProviderSingle.


If you don't create your own WorldType and re-use a vanilla WorldType, then in the init() method of your WorldProvider instead of assigning the biomeProvider field by looking up the getBiomeProvider() from the WorldType, just directly assign it to a new BiomeProviderSingle.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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