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Detect Player Kill Player on Client-Side Mod


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titls say all, and i tried

    public void onEntityDeath(LivingDeathEvent e) {
	    //if(e.source.getSourceOfDamage() instanceof EntityPlayer) {
	    	this.ClassFinder.NotifierSystem.NotificationQuery.add(new Notification("Killed Entity:\n" + "test"));

the NotifierSystem send String on game 

and the Notification only showup when player kill an entity on server

never work on player kill a player

(also i wanna get their name)

any way to do this?

#nothing on google

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so there is really no way to do it?

and i dont understand what means 

8 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

does not know where damage comes from.

the client-side player is the one who killing another player

why the client does not know? 

at least i think the client will know the player kill some `Object` but dont know what `Object` is it
there is no event for that?

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8 hours ago, mkcoldwofl said:

Sill not work :(

i want to detect when other player get damaged or something, not only entity

Wait, what do you mean by not working? The event fires for every living entity attack, but you should be able to check if the entity was a player. Are you saying it doesn't work because it doesn't fire, or are you saying that you didn't like how it was firing for all entities?

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