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Project Outbreak Development


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 will spawn in the map in a wasteland with trees and seemingly an 
endless amount of trees and almost flat grass in front of you, however, 
you're given a GPS, a wood sword and a bandage.

The GPS will show
 your 3 nearest locations and you'll be able to track it from how many 
blocks away and where the compass points to using the /track <id> 
command, this will help you find places easily and hopefully encounter 
other players.

Here's what the GPS tracking system looks like.

 right click on the GPS and it will show your directions, you can use 
/track <id> on the list and the GPS will point towards that 
direction and the blocks in distance will change every time you right 



 will spawn around you and they will drop loot, (bows, arrows, civilian 
guns and ammunition), however, at some point, if you want better 
weapons, you'll have to visit an abandoned military base or stumble 
across a helicopter crash site.


The current guns are listed below (more to come, of course)

- Beretta M9
- Colt Python (revolver)
- IZH-43 (shotgun; close range)
- AKM (militarized spawns only, only assault rifle in the game right now)


Here are two complete building types I've added so far.

Northgate Mining Town (name subject to change)


Fort Chelsea (name subject to change)


- Summerset County (firestation, supermarket, police station, gas station and hospital).

- Old Daber Airfield (military airport with hangars; completed, soon to add military outposts and tents next to the airfield)

are currently being planned out + more locations will be created.


[i]Helicopter Crash Sites[/i]

 will be three random crash sites which will spawn on server restart 
(every 6 hours). The sites will spawn some of the best loot in the game,
 which are rare weapons and lots of ammunition.

Soldier zeds will spawn around the crash site, so you'll have to take them all out before getting the loot.


[i]Convoy crashes/airdrops[/i]

 events are not coded but I plan on having them fully functional once we
 hit our BETA stages. A single event of these will be dispatched 
randomly of a military convoy crash or life saving humanitarian airdrop.

If you have a GPS in your possession, it will be able to track 
it where the crash took place showing you the coordinates. This feature 
however, does not apply to the helicopter crash sites.


 Improved zombie AI, zombies notice you only when you're closer, when 
you shoot a gun at a group they'll come heading to your direction of 
where they heard the gun shot.
- The zombie AI will also head to where they last saw you if they lost the line of sight with you.
- When hitting zombies from 2 or 1 block below you, they will try and pull you off the ledge.
- Bow is a stealth tactic, not alerting any zombies.
 Many buildings have chests in them which will respawn once the chest 
has disappeared depending on how valuable the loot is (either by 
punching the chest; the items will drop or taking everything out of it 
- Collecting scrap metal for healing and killing players, 
also killing players and looting chests, this will have the ability to 
spend it at trader cities in future.
- Gun sounds and gun reloading sounds.
- Textures for guns.
- Antibiotics and infection from zombies.
- Blood bagging and healing players.
- Global or local chat messaging
- Global or local death messages


- Trader cities (with NPC villagers), the trader city will have god mode protection.
- User populated generated events.
- Much more guns (Mosin Nagant, M4, etc)
- Base building, with possible decay feature for when a user has been inactive.


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