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Sound bug that didn't exist in 1.7.10 now happening in 1.12.2?


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Back in 1.7.10, My custom music was working fine in Custom NPCs with zero problems, once someone was kind enough to help me update my json. But that same json doesn't work at all in 1.12.2 (mod version 20jan_18). Did something with the jsons change? Is mine simply formatted incorrectly for new versions of MC? Or is this a legitimate bug in 1.12.2?


Here's a pastebin of my sounds json: https://pastebin.com/Pt1YRFSq


I showed it to a friend, and he thinks the json looks fine and shouldn't have any conflicts. And this exact same json worked without any issues in 1.7.10 and was used by dozens of people in our questing world on that older server. So either the jsons changed somehow, or this is an actual bug. I'm not sure which.

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