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Serious server-breaking bug in 1.12.2/ may18 version


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Due to ongoing troubles getting bards to play music on our server, I attempted to update CNPC to the newest version. The server started up just fine, and the modpack works great in single-player. But when you attempt to join the seemingly error-free server, we were presented with the error in the attached message.


Scrolling through the crash report, we found this kept occurring to everyone:


[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]: Unidentified mapping from registry minecraft:soundevents
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:misc.swosh: 988
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:gun.ak47.load: 985
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:magic.shot: 986
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:gun.pistol.shot: 982
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:gun.pistol.trigger: 983
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:magic.charge: 987
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]:     customnpcs:gun.empty: 984
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/ERROR] [FML]: Network Disconnect: Fatally missing registry entries
[23:28:57] [Netty Client IO #1/FATAL] [FML]: Failed to connect to server: there are 7 missing registry items


The full log report is too large to share via pastebin. I can throw it in dropbox though if it's needed, just let me know.


This caused massive headaches for six hours and no one could get onto the server. I had to eventually roll the entire server and the modpack back. It was incredibly frustrating. If it were any other mod we'd have gotten rid of it but CNPC is essential to our server so it gets a free pass lol.


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