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[1.5] using other mod's planks


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Hi all, I have several recipes in my mod that use planks:

GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(buildingConstructor, 1), new Object[]{
            "PPP", "CWC", "CCC",
            Character.valueOf('C'), Block.cobblestone,
            Character.valueOf('P'), Block.planks,
            Character.valueOf('W'), Block.workbench


I've noticed in NEI when looking up recipes that other mods can use planks from other mods such as Forestry and XtraBiomesXL. How do I do that with mine, as they currently only accept vanilla planks. Is it something to do with the ore dictionary? (even though planks are not ores!) or are they using the respective mod's API ?




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if the mod registers the wood using forge ore dictionary you can use the forge ore dictionary.


I think you might find this usefull http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Common_Oredict_names


and this guy has tutorials on how to use the ore dictionary (note its for 1.4.7 not sure if it works for 1.5 haven't tested but I doubt the ore dict was changed in 1.5)


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