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Read Capability of another mod


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Hi all, I made two mods that for simplicity we will call Mod A and Mod B.
Mod A creates and adds a Capability<IMana> to EntityPlayer and works great. My requirement is to be able to read the capabilities of Mod A from mod B

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3 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Ehm, what? No, you don't re-create anything.

How do I make mod B obtain the capability? In the Mod A I just do:

IMana mana = player.getCapability(ModCapabilities.MANA, null);
	int value = mana.getMana();


The problem is that Mod B does not know the "IMana and ModCapabilities.MANA" classes

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You need to create the dependency, and make sure Mod A is present (in deobfuscated form) in the dev environment for Mod B as well the eventual run environment (in obfuscated form) for the user. Basically Mod A becomes a library to Mod B.


Here's what I think you need to do (others can correct me):

  • You would specify the dependency in Mod B's @Mod annotation. You would specify that Mod A loads before Mod B generally.
  • Fill in the dependencies block in your build.gradle. (I think there are comments in the template that will guide you.)
  • Add the deobfuscated version of Mod A source code jar to your Mod B project class path. I think that when you build your Mod A jar it also creates a deobfuscated version, but maybe you need to run special build option.
  • Recommended to add a dependencies section in mcmod.info. This is informational.


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Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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