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Game crashes while starting.


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So I'm pretty new to the modding scene, let alone Minecraft in general. Ive installed optifine before and it seemed to have worked okay but that was a while ago.


ANYWAYS, I'm trying to install flans mod and I've got through most of the installation process (I'm following this guide: https://youtu.be/ZC5FYqogi74) until I get to the part where i open the Forge profile (5:36 in the video https://youtu.be/ZC5FYqogi74?t=5m36s) and Minecraft opens for a split second, then crashes. The launcher pops up and will give me this error:




So I'm really confused on what to do and some help would be very much appreciated.

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14 hours ago, MDW01 said:

Please post the crash report. You could also try to read it your self it may look like a bunch of jibberish but if it says error and then a mod name just remove that mod.

How do I post the crash report

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    • My Mod List: https://pastebin.com/q6VrFEdL
    • I'm playing on 1.20.1, I keep seeing this error in the latest log as my game's ticks stop updating and everything stops moving. I have a hunch it might be one of my generation mods since I've been messing with those lately but I honestly can't tell, any help is appreciated. I can provide my mod list as well, that just might take me a minute, I also don't actually have a crash report as it just stops working and I have to shut it off with the task manager or I get stuck on the saving world screen for eternity. Latest Log:  https://pastebin.com/9SZmNewQ (I also suspect this may be the case since my Cobblemon game also had the same issue after adding Incendium I think?) My pc has been able to handle my probably excessive amount of mods in the past so something has gone awry recently.
    • i thank you deeply, i cant believe that was it, i removed the nogui entry and it worked.  After that test, i stopped the server and put all the mods i will be using on the mods folder, after that, i got this and server crashed: https://paste.ee/p/yQXFz
    • I am trying to make a mod which requires dividing chunks into regional districts based on the proximity of the chunk to the nearest bastion. How would I even do this, and what should I use to find where the nearest bastion is? Also, I'm having a lot of trouble finding out how to store information about a full chunk rather than an individual block, do I need to store the chunk information on every block?
    • Add the crash-report or latest.log (logs-folder) with sites like https://paste.ee/ and paste the link to it here  
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