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[1.12.2] Custom Chest/Crafting Workbench


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I'm working on making a chest that also has a crafting table in the GUI. Everything is working properly with the exception of the crafting result rendering in the first slot of the players hotbar (index 0). If I click on the rendered result, it "moves" to the correct craftResult position. I'm setting the index of craftResult to 99 which through logging, is most definitely the correct position. Does anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing incorrectly?



I found what's causing my issue. In InventoryCraffResult the function

* Removes a stack from the given slot and returns it.
public ItemStack removeStackFromSlot(int index)
return ItemStackHelper.getAndRemove(this.stackResult, 0);

is sending the resultant to index 0.


Final update: Was just easier to shift around my indexing...

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