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[1.12.2] Rendering an Entity with an OBJModel


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Hi everyone,

I've been porting a mod from 1.7.10 which had no problem rendering entities with models imported from .obj files; it just called renderAll() and that was that.

I didn't find something similar in 1.12.2 so have naively written my own renderer, which looks like this (renderWithNormal function): https://github.com/fredtargaryen/ExRollerCoaster/blob/1.12.2/src/main/java/erc/renderer/ModelRenderer.java

Here's the result: https://imgur.com/a/EJbBQ31

So it looks like if it's going to render a face, it won't render any faces that share an edge with that face... the problem is probably deeper than just that though.

Things I've considered so far:

  • Invalid .obj file: the .obj worked with 1.7.10, and importing it in Blender shows all the triangles.
  • Bad renderer: I have copied the rendering code from decompiled Forge 1.7.10, and as far as I can see the model was the same. Personally I can't see why my naive renderer wouldn't work.
  • Model importing wrong: the OBJModel object has the same number of faces as the .obj file has. There might be some kind of check the importing code does which changes point coordinates; I haven't checked whether all the values are the same yet because that could be a long, tedious process.

So my guess is there's some quirk with how 1.12.2 does graphics, that may have led to that renderAll system being removed? Though of course I am open to the suggestion that my renderer's bad.

Anyone know what's going on here?

Thanks for reading.

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