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Forge Events, Client side only


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This post is about version 1.12.2

I have a mod which is client side only, and I'm attempting to detect when certain things occur:

  • An item is picked up by the player
  • The inventory of a chest which was just opened
  • An item was tossed by the player
  • The player broke their tool/item

Currently I have forge events for:

  • PlayerEvent.ItemPickupEvent
  • PlayerDestroyItemEvent
  • ItemTossEvent
  • GuiOpenEvent

The first 3 all share the same issue.
They only fire for the server side.
The only I found exception being PlayerDestroyItemEvent when a flint and steel breaks from usage

It doesn't trigger when:

  • a shovel breaks
  • armor is destroyed
  • sheild is destroyed
  • a bow is broken
  • etc...


ItemTossed's only exception being when you open an inventory and drop the item by clicking outside the gui

It does not fire when the 'Drop Selected Item' key is fired (Default 'Q')

In the GuiOpenEvent I check if the gui is an instanceof GuiContainer and attempt to get its inventory.
The issue here is that the inventory isn't loaded at the time of the event.
I'm looking for a way to detect when it's done loading the data from the server packet (looks like SPacketWindowItems)

So it doesn't return an empty inventory.
Waiting an arbitrary amount of time works more or less depending on how long you wait. Trying to avoid that if possible.

Any help is appreciated
  Thanks in advanced

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