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[1.12.2] Java SIGSEGV


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Reproducible with no mods, just forge. Game sometimes loads and then the crash happens in-game, sometimes it happens during loading.


Game log from MultiMC: https://haste.rys.pw/raw/acuvavahup

/home/c0rn3j/.local/share/multimc/instances/1.12.2/.minecraft/hs_err_pid3984.log - https://haste.rys.pw/raw/uwiwazocas

/home/c0rn3j/.local/share/multimc/instances/1.12.2/.minecraft/replay_pid3984.log - https://haste.rys.pw/raw/vuyavekevi

Coredump: https://cloud2.rys.pw/s/n6rLQEWpKCHqRm2

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