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Colorization of Forge Console appears to cause PUTTY issues


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I have recently updated to forge-1.12.2- 


At the risk of asking my second stupid question in the last week, it seems that in between 2705 and 2759, the output in the console log got colorized.


Whatever tty funkiness that forge is doing to add colors to the log, are causing tty funkiness in PUTTY.  Once, in any given putty session, I have started a minecraft/forge session, any time I attempt to 'paste' into that terminal, the pasted text is preceded by a 0~ and appended by a 1~.  For example, If I attempt to paste "bob", what is pasted is "0~bob1~".


This does not happen on a new PUTTY session, nor before starting minecraft/forge interactively.


Any idea what may be the cause?  Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance.

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I think its more likely that whatever method that is being selected to change the color of the text is making assumptions about the terminal type or control character sequence being used, and that it may work for the tty type that it is being developed in, but not others.


Searching online, here is a relevant description of the issue:



My suspicion is that the forge console is initiating some color sequence, and not terminating that sequence, leaving the tty in "Bracketed Paste Mode".

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