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[1.12.2] ItemStack only contains Item in undamaged state, when it should contain it regardless of damage


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Source Code:



In this file: https://github.com/daPoseidonGuy/Poppets/blob/master/src/main/java/com/tenzinpelletier/poppets/ForgeEventHandler.java

For fireEvent, the if statement seems to fail if the fire poppet is damaged at all, and I can't seem to figure out why. Am I doing the ItemStack wrong? The function executes fine, and damages the item, but once it is damaged it no longer works.


Any help is appreciated

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If I use this for fireEvent it seems to work:

    public static void fireEvent(LivingHurtEvent event) {
        boolean found=false;
        if ((event.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer)&&(event.getSource()==DamageSource.ON_FIRE)) {
            EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) event.getEntity();
            for(int i=0;i<player.inventory.getSizeInventory();i++) {
                if(player.inventory.getStackInSlot(i).getItem() == ModItems.firePoppet) {
                    player.sendMessage(new TextComponentString("Hoorah!"));
                    player.inventory.getStackInSlot(i).damageItem(1, player);
                    found = true;
        if (found==true) {
            EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) event.getEntity();
            player.sendMessage(new TextComponentString("You have been saved from fire"));

However I feel there must be a more elegant solution.

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fixed up a bit
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Looks like you were using InventoryPlayer#hasItemStack. That method calls ItemStack#isItemEqual, which compares the item's damage and requires it to be the same. I recently needed to do something very similar to you and ended up with a similar solution (iterating over the inventory to find the item in question). For what it's worth, hasItemStack iterates over the inventory anyway, so the main difference is you're now doing it yourself.

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