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[Solved]Dimension Does Not Spawn Entities


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I've created a custom dimension and added my custom biome into it successfully. The Biome is able to correctly affect the day/night cycle and the water color, yet I am unable to get it to spawn any mobs naturally. As far as I'm aware, the biome is the one handling which mobs get to spawn via the spawnableCreatureList/spawnableMonsterList. I've tried adding entities (My custom demon entity, cows, and enderman) to both lists and neither worked. Any ideas what might be the problem?


Custom Biome Class:

public class BiomeNightmare extends Biome{
	public BiomeNightmare() {
		super(new BiomeProperties("Nightmare").setBaseBiome("sky").setWaterColor(12255232).setRainDisabled());
		topBlock = ModBlocks.NightmareBlock.getDefaultState();
		fillerBlock = ModBlocks.NightmareBlock.getDefaultState();

		this.spawnableMonsterList.add(new SpawnListEntry(EntityDemon.class, 10, 4, 4));


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