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Detect player's language


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//EDIT: Fixed, just figured it out on my own :)


return StringTranslate.getInstance().currentLanguage;

instead of

return this.currentLanguage;

now it returned "de_DE", so it works. guess im slowly gettin' into it :D




right now, im looking for a way to get the player's current language and save it in a string.

I found lots of stuff, but that didn't really helped me... cuz it's all outdated and therefore not working anymore :/

so im here again, askin' for help :)


Look at my code, I tryed 2 do it.. somehow xD

well, minecraft crashed when i hover over the item. So it seems like its wrong.

	public String currentLanguage;
public String getCurrentLanguage()
	return this.currentLanguage;

public void addInformation(ItemStack is, EntityPlayer player, List l, boolean B)
	if(getCurrentLanguage() .equals("de_DE"))

right now, getCurrentLanguage returns null. But i want it to return the player's language, like, "en_US"

Im trying 2 fix this on my own since quiet a while now... but i don't get it :(





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