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How to prevent a minecraft crash


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6 minutes ago, ZhabaKlava said:

I have to not get it crashed even if the most terrible things occurred.

Why? If the "most terrible thing" occured then you should crash the game. Actually you should crash the game in most cirumstances. What's your reason for avoiding crashes?


7 minutes ago, ZhabaKlava said:

How can I do this?

Apart from some edge-cases with IO/Network by writing code that works and has checks to prevent crashes. Like if you are afraid that a value is null then you check that it isn't null before proceeding, etc.

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I'm trying to get out of some dimension provided by the mod which isn't mine.

Basically I went to it's portal and when I appeared in that dimension my client crashed. Now it is constantly crashing when I'm logging in to the server. It's a bug in that mod. And I am currently trying to get back to the Overworld.


What I really need is just to send single chat message before crash so the server could teleport me to the Overworld

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Considering that it is another mod most you can do is report the crash report to the mod author. 

You could also change the player's dimension though MCEdit.

Or alternatively you can use any NBT editor and edit the player's NBT data:

  • Open the world.dat file with any NBT editor of your choice.
  • Navigate to Data -> Player -> Dimension
  • Change it to the dimension you need, like 0 for overworld.
  • Navigate to Data -> Player -> Pos
  • Change the values in that array to match the values of Data -> SpawnX/Y/Z to transfer the player to the spawn.
  • Save the file.

For multiplayer do the same, but instead of opening world.dat open playerdata/%UUID_OF_YOUR_PLAYER%. You can lookup the player's UUID online. 

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