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GUI InGame & Chat Messages


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Hi! i have some question about Forge API....


1. How i can parse chat messages?

2. How i can draw strings ingame? Not blocks... only Client Side... a text...

3. I can modify the package "net.minecraft.client.gui" the class "GuiIngame.java" and compile a mod?



Sry for my bad english and thx :)

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1.) On the client use ClientChatReceivedEvent, on the server use ServerChatEvent. Choose wisely.

2.) You mean add text to the HUD? use a client-side tick handler with TickType.RENDER and draw the strings in TickEnd.

3.) You could, but it's not a good idea. It would make your mod incompatible with others. Why do you want to do that?

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Ummm reHi!


Pne problem.... i Handle a ChatMessages

NetworkRegistry.instance().registerChatListener(new ChatListenerHandler(this));


and read good  the chat...

public Packet3Chat clientChat(NetHandler handler, Packet3Chat message)



But i like not show the message when i filter it.... how i can return a "Packet3Chat" without messages to not show it ingame chat ?¿??



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Sry for spam messages... but i have other new question.


How i can intercept chat messages from local user?




Local User write: "Hi! ppl "
Mod read: "Hi! ppl "
Mod change: "/tc Hi! ppl "
Mod send chat message: "/tc Hi! ppl "
Server received: "/tc Hi! ppl "




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diesieben07 thx for your help ;) I finally made it modifying the class GuiChat.java ;)  problem? I need distribute a "awj.class" file :\


Now i have other question... How i can change the size of the font when i use "FontRenderer" class?? i need other way? create a new wayport? :\


thx for all ;)

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