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  1. Nice we finally have almost up-to-date docs. Was so use to the docs being maintained but us modders on the old wiki. (I stopped modding forge back at the 1.8 update.)
  2. So I have took a long break from Forge modding. (Only modding I have done is some cheaty MCP based editing for some investigations) And I have mostly been writing Bukkit Plugins lately. (Which is nothing like real modding) Any suggestions for getting back to modding? (Tutorials, Guides, Reading on what changed?)
  3. Okay so just disregard them for now.
  4. I know. That is how it was on 1.8 and before. In 1.10 there are new events that have been added to Quote Should I not care about those at all? Also from the release post.
  5. How? I don't think you can control when events are fired... (No way to delay it till after preInit) Like if i had a json that defined what blocks to enable I would have to do that logic in the Event that you "Should" register blocks in. Or should I disregard those and use the old way of doing it?
  6. So basically mod capability is currently harder then back in 1.8/1.7/1.6/1.5. And I will have to do all my file reading and stuff in the registry calls instead of preInit.... Seems really bad... (I am working on a Mod that will load MC:PE add-ons)
  7. Why are they fired before preInit? Is preInit no longer where you should check like if other mods your compatable with are loaded or get config info? This is getting more confusing as I learn more.
  8. I found the commit from when it was added. Looks neat. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/commit/7a843760444f99743dc07cdc99cf364f23398e74
  9. Okay also in the latest release notes I saw there where some new life cycle events added. (Or something like that) Any idea what that is/ they are?
  10. I am going to start modding again. I did some modding with forge back in 1.8. Anything I should know that changed between then and now?
  11. Well to start off that should crash. Because there are imports that don't exist. So yeah. There is the first problem.
  12. Well to start I am just going to copy the whole class and start messing with it.. But does anyone already know how to do this?
  13. Thanks. I am going to take a look at that.
  14. I understand that we use the block state system to store properties and still have the 4-bit limit. But how do we make metadata blocks anyways now. I have looked a the dirt block and will try and get it workimg based off that but if anyone could at least give me a tip onchow i would be every thank full.
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