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[1.12.2] Stopping mob spawns


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You can use LivingSpawnEvent.CheckSpawn to detect the spawning itself, then either iterate all TEs in neighbouring chunks to check for your special TE that prevents the spawning(may be slow and won't work if the chunk is unloaded, the TE in this case doesn't need to be a ticking one) or you can attach a capability to the world that would store an array of positions of your blocks that prevent spawning that you update every time one of your blocks is placed/broken and then you can check against that array. In any case setting the resulf of the event to DENY will prevent spawning. You will still need to check that the mob that spawns is hostile.

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This is what i came up with, any thoughts?

	public void bloodTotem(LivingSpawnEvent event) {
		World world = event.getWorld();
		double range = 32.0;
		for(int i = 0; i < world.loadedTileEntityList.size(); i ++) {
			if(world.loadedTileEntityList.get(i) instanceof TileEntityBloodTotem) {
				BlockPos pos = world.loadedTileEntityList.get(i).getPos();
				if(pos.getDistance((int)event.getX(), (int)event.getY(), (int)event.getZ()) <= range) {


The seven became one and the one became two.

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