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[1.12] how do you check if a mod is loaded?


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I know how to check if a mod is loaded, Loader.isModLoaded(), but if I want to run code with classes from the mod, I can't if the mod isn't there. 


Here's what I have right now that checks if the mod is loaded:


public static void PostInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {
	simpleRPGLoaded = Loader.isModLoaded("simplerpg");
	info(simpleRPGLoaded ?
			"SimpleRPG's player level will be used as Object Control Authority. This can be disabled in config.":
			"SimpleRPG is not loaded. Minecraft's player level will be used instead.");


and here's where I use it:


EntityPlayerMP p = (EntityPlayerMP)(entity);
int level;
if (ObjectPriorities.simpleRPGLoaded && ConfigFile.general.useSimpleRPG) {
	try {
		IRpgPlayer rpg = (IRpgPlayer) p.getCapability(RpgPlayerProvider.RPG_PLAYER_CAP, (EnumFacing) null);
		level = rpg.getLevel();
	} catch (Error e) {}
} else {
	level = p.experienceLevel;


But it wont work because the "IRpgPlayer" and "RpgPlayerProvider" classes don't exist when the mod isn't loaded, so it causes a compiler error ("Unresolved Compilation Problems"), so technically the try-catch doesnt do anything because the problem is before it figures that out.


I know that this is possible because so many other mods have cross-mod compatibility.

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