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Ok so I have spent the past 4-5 hours working on trying to make a custom sounds type. I have found out how to do it with SoundEvents that are already in the game but I want to take it 1 step farther and put in my own SoundEvents. I have a class that makes the sounds events and all but for some reason when I try and use my SoundType for example as the setSoundType of a block, the game crashes and I recieve a null pointer exception. I know they are not null because I add a println that printed both the SoundEvent and the SoundType. If anyone has any kind of insight on this problem I would love to hear it because this is making me go insane.

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Would need to see your code, but custom SoundEvent objects should be registered via a registry event, similar to custom Block or Item objects.  As an example: https://github.com/TeamPneumatic/pnc-repressurized/blob/master/src/main/java/me/desht/pneumaticcraft/lib/Sounds.java (the RL() method in there is just a convenience method to get a ResourceLocation with the mod's domain).  See also https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/effects/sounds/.


Note that SoundType and SoundEvent are not the same thing, but you seem to be conflating them a bit here.

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To register custom sounds you also need a sounds.json in your assets/modid folder like I do here. You can read up on it's format more here, on the official minecraft wiki.

You will of course need to register the SoundEvent within the appropriate RegistryEvent similar to how I do here. Make sure your registry name matches the one you have given to the sound in the sounds.json file.

To actually obtain a reference to your SoundEvent to use it later(to play it for example) you would use ObjectHolders like I do here.

After that you should be able to play your sound just fine similar to how I do here.


As for your repo:



Don't do this. Use the registry provided to you by the event.




Don't use static initializers. Instantinate your stuff directly in the appropriate RegistryEvent.



BlockBase/ItemBase/XBase is an antipattern. There is already a BlockBase, it's called Block.



CommonProxy makes no sense. Proxies exist to separate sided-only code. If your code is common it goes anywhere but your proxy.



serverSide = Reference.COMMON_PROXY_CLASS

This makes even less sense. A server proxy provides noop implementations for client-only methods or invokes methods that would crash the physical client. A common proxy by definition can't be your server proxy.



IHasModel is stupid. All items need models, no exception, and nothing about model registration requires access to private/protected data. Register your models in the ModelRegistryEvent directly.



And here is the cause of your issue - the dreaded static initializers. By the time this is constructed your SoundEvent is still null, hence your crash.

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Ok so what I am understanding is not to use statics, the BlockBase class that is in there is completely useless, and the proxy stuff is also useless, and that the cause of the crash is because I declared some stuff as static? Sorry if I misunderstood some of that there is a lot to take in there. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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5 minutes ago, wsman217 said:

the cause of the crash is because I declared some stuff as static?

No, the cause of the crash is because the object is instantinated before your sound event is. It can be static all you want, it's the instantination that matters. Hence the name - static initializer.

7 minutes ago, wsman217 said:

he BlockBase class that is in there is completely useless

That is correct.


7 minutes ago, wsman217 said:

the proxy stuff is also useless

The proxy in your case is useless but in general case it isn't, you are just doing it wrong. Don't use a CommonProxy, use an interface, like an IProxy as the official docs tell you to do.

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