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Windforge Pirates


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THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS NOW! I'm excited to announce that the Windforge Pirates Beta will be releasing on December 28th! Add this IP to your server list to join the moment it's open!

I also wanted to take this chance to give everyone a bit of a tour of the world, and some more details about the gameplay of Windforge.




One of the main ways to make money in Windforge is brewing. Invest money into creating and maintaining your brewing stations, and then flip it for a profit at the nearest Tavern.






Until you have breweries and farms set up, the secondary way of making money would be mining. Sell your hard earned valuables to the Blacksmith as you start your journey in the world.





The easiest, but by far the least profitable way to make money is farming. Sell your produce in bulk and make a decent profit.




Blackwater Port

A view of the docks.

Ports are safezones where all the trading and selling happens. When the beta opens there will be at least one port, although upon full release there will be three total. (one as the server spawn, and two more on opposite edges of the map) All ports will be linked by portals, which will make them serve as a "fast-travel" of sorts. Physically walking through these portals will be the only form of teleportation on the server. (except for /faction home, to save the location of your base) The lack of instant teleports will increase the challenge, the use of airships, and in turn the possibility of airship combat.


The town and the marketplace.


Some more of the town.




The Wilderness


The wilderness is the vast unexplored area of the world that YOU can claim for your own, build your own cities, farms, breweries and airships. Build or do anything you like. Live your life as a pirate, sailing the skies and preying on others. Or make an honest living as a merchant. It's entirely up to you.


As you can see in this screenshot, the entire world is a mix of floating sky islands as well as regular land. It's incredibly diverse, and far more interesting than your regular old vanilla world.


More of the natural terrain generation.



There are still plenty of perfect places to build, as shown here.



All of this AND MORE will be releasing to the public on the 28th of this month! Spread the word!

Add this IP to your server list to join the moment it's open! (1.12.2 server version)

Also be sure to join our official Discord server for further updates and announcements! https://discord.gg/qCeFWg4

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