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Queing changes in the world to Tick


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I want a change in the world to happen after some time e. G. Changing a block position tick by tick. My idea was to use the server tick event and "queue" different changes. For instance there could be something happening 3 ticks after clicking an item. Are there any easier ways to do this implemented by forge? 


Edit: I will try using entities for this purpose first

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For your original question, yes the approach of having a simple "queue" for scheduling things should work. The actual mechanics of the queue can be coded in different ways depending on how many things and how far in time you want to queue things. Unless there is a performance concern due to having a huge number of scheduled events, almost any sort of collection can be used that you cycle through.


One detail is that if you're doing this for worlds that might be saved, you'll probably want the time to continue when the world is loaded again. In that case, you should also save the queue to world save data or maybe the player data depending on what sort of things you're scheduling.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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