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Bug: reobfuscation breaks overriding.


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My mod overrides drawSlotInventory(), from GuiContainer, in GuiCrafter (subclass of GuiContainer).


The method currently looks like this:

// in GuiCrafter:
protected void drawSlotInventory(Slot slot) {
	throw new RuntimeException("Successfully called drawSlotInventory() in GuiCrafter!");


This is just for testing purposes. Of course that would imply that once the method is called, minecraft would crash.


The method works as intended in a deobfuscated environment (running from IntelliJ IDEA). However, after reobfuscating, it won't get called. In both cases, the same forge version is used (#602, but tested before with #592).


So most likely the problem has something to do with reobfuscation (in other words, after the @Override annotation is removed by the compiler). Btw, this worked fine in 1.4.7.



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