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(This is my first time posting so sorry if it's in the wrong topic.) 

Staff needed for GamezMatter Community. 

What is GamezMatter?

We plan to be the one-stop place for gamers to use. Basically as a gamer we use multiple platforms, Reddit and Facebook to connect with communities and talk over text, Discord to voice chat and talk with our friends, gaming news websites such as IGN to stay up to date with all our favorite games, g2a and steam as a market place for games and people to sell/trade in-game items, and twitch and youtube for watching and uploading gameplay. While all these websites are fully developed with a fanbase they have many flaws that affect their practicality and core functionality and with all of these separately owned websites it makes it very inefficient to view content not to mention they are all connected using different accounts with some of the content not even being custom tailored to you and what you like. That's where GamezMatter comes in. We plan to be a social media platform for gamers by gamers. Our platform will allow users to do everything those other websites can with a custom tailored experience just for gaming. That means you will just need one account to use all the services with seamless integration and be shown things you like. GamezMatter will not only be a social network for users to share their own content and game servers but we will also host official GamezMatter servers for the community. An example of this would be “Hytale Empire” which is a GamezMatter server for the upcoming hyped game Hytale created by Hypixel Studios. Hytale Empire will be a Hytale custom modded server for Hytale players. If the server has game modes that are original and fun along with its unique name, it is destined to attract players of all kind which can be profitable through micro-transactions (not the pay to win kind) and ads (similar to Minecraft servers).

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for gamers of all talents. From people who can be our bloggers for the game news to developers. As of right now, our main focus is looking for people who are skilled in graphic design talent but mainly programming knowledge in game or web development in python, javascript, java, and/or C++. Really we are looking for anyone that can help make us a reality. Our main focus is getting Hytale Empire up and running due to the newness of the game, the foundations of the server are confirmed to be written in Java with the interactions in the game most likely using Javascript. As of right now we don't have the funds to pay anyone but by joining you will become one of the founding staff and head of the division you are most talented in (a contract will be created so you and we won't be screwed over in any way) and through playing our cards right and advertising the community will grow which will result in you earning payment for all work done along with work you do from then on. By helping us now you will receive special treatment and be considered a higher-up staff for making everything a reality. Come help make this thought a reality and join our community staff today. 

Listed below is my contact info and some flaws with the websites listed above.

Other platform flaws.

Facebook: Filled with clutter and unnecessary things gamers don’t care about. It was never built for gamers.

Youtube: Major disconnection with their community in general yet alone their gaming community and flawed copyright system.

Twitch: Biased moderation and flawed display for live streaming. Doesn’t offer a chance to have live streamers videos bumped to get them fame without having a bunch of views.

Reddit: difficulty in finding new subReddit's are near impossible for the average person who isn’t a Redditor (you have to hunt them down and some can have the same uses as others)

News Websites like IGN: News can be biased and aren’t custom tailored to what you like and just throw everything at you.

Discord: Not many flaws here but one of them could be how it’s similar to Reddit and you have to hunt public servers down on 3rd party websites.



If you’re interested reach me on discord at GamezMatter#2000 or join our server here https://discord.gg/tveHPX6

Also you can reach me with my email gamezmatter2000@gmail.com 

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