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[Solved] Consuming buckets during crafting


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Update: I was thinking back to the old EE (before Pahimar took over), and if I remember correctly, you could craft iron buckets back into iron ingots with the philosopher's stone (or whatever it was called), couldn't you? This has got to be possible.


I'm going to try to write a PlayerEvent handler that accesses EntityPlayer's current open inventory, and see if I can decrement a bucket from the crafting inventory as I remove the item  from the result slot. If anybody thinks of something simpler, let me know, otherwise I'll post an update later about how this goes.

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Solved, and I did it without creating any new classes.


There's a method in Item that's triggered when you pull the item out of the crafting result slot, and, conveniently enough, has an EntityPlayer as one of its parameters. I used the player reference to decrement one bucket from the crafting matrix. Booya!

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