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Mod source code help.


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Hey all! I hope someone can help me here i'm looking at this mod made for 1.7.10 and wanted someone to take a look at the source code for the mod, and give me an evaluation on the difficulty of porting the mod to 1.12.2. Examples would be if the mod would require a full rewrite and the approximate time you would guess this would take.


Long term I am looking to pay for someone for their work on porting this mod over but that's a separate topic for another time so the above would be very helpful.


Original Mod Link: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/psychedelicraft


Source: https://github.com/Ivorforce/Psychedelicraft


Thanks a lot to anyone willing to give their opinion.

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Before even looking at the source, there is a couple of stumbling blocks.  There is no license attached to the GitHub repo.  The license listed on the CurseForge page is "All Rights Reserved".  While there is a comment from the author that he would 'like to see it ported', the licensing, as it stands, suggests "complete rewrite from zero, using ideas but no code".


(IANAL, etc, etc.)

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I am talking with the creator of the mod and have permission to use his current source code and would be happy to clear that up for anyone that would assist me with this endeavor. I've been told by the creator that a few have attempted to port it before and ran into quite a few difficulties.

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