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Hello Everyone and welcome to the 
opportunity you’ve been waiting for!!


Perfectia built using ProjectKorra. A bending server that allows you to master; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Chi-Blocking. These elements can be used for Player vs. Player combat or fighting mobs and such. They can also be used to make normal Minecraft easier such as; The earth bender’s ability to extract resources from stone blocks with the chance to multiply how many items you get, The firebender’s ability to cook food with their bare hands, or The waterbenders ability to heal themselves in water and swim faster than normal! All these things will be just the tip of the iceberg in Perfectia.


So, sounds pretty interesting? This server will offer a bending survival along with PVP, PVE and possibly a Bending free PVP arena!!!


At the moment, I am currently looking for builders who are interested in being apart of the bending world! I want to see examples of your builds! I need builders and I need someone to coordinate all the builders, I’ve got a list of some main projects that I want to get started on and if you’re interested… Apply now!!


I am also looking for a Head Admin to help me create all the rules that need to be in place for the server!
(Yes… I said it, Rules)


Advertising handler! This staff member will handle all the advertising on the web for the server, they will also be moderators in game. This person’s job is very important… Until word of mouth gets around and the server climbs the server lists, this person’s job is to shout Perfectia’s name to every website and forum and social media site that will listen!!!


The server is still in early stages however, most privileges are in place, I will not be needing a developer. However, if you believe that you are a proficient plugin writer who believes that they can write new bending abilities. Then by all means, that is above my pay grade and I would love to meet you and see your abilities.


I am also looking for idealists. People with great ideas for new servers… doable ideas… People who present me with good ideas and who may be able to help me implement them could be compensated once the server is started. I do not forget.


This server is the opportunity that you are searching for, scrolling through this page. If you have a skill I can use, then I want you to apply.


Application requirements


  • Name
  • Age
  • Job that you believe you would fit in and why.
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Big ideas
  • Time Zone and availability
  • Owned a server? (Don’t bull-crap me)
  • Form of contact – must include; voice, text, video
  • Skills in Minecraft and server functions
  • Do you know how to use multicraft?
  • What is PEX?
  • Commands that you think you should have in the job position you’re applying for, and why.


That pretty much sums it up, thankyou folks for your interest in Perfectia and I can’t wait to see you all when the server launches… eventually…


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