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[1.13] Language loader not loaded outside of dev env


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Hey. So I needed Forgelin to update (kotlin language provider mod) to 1.13 and didn't want to wait, so that's what I did: https://github.com/autaut03/Forgelin/tree/1.13-rewrite


Basically, to load IModLanguageLoader, Forge utilizes SerivceLoader, which scans META-INF/services for files with name of specified interface. This is how FMLJavaModLanguageLoader is loaded (the one Forge mod provides), and so I did the exact same thing. When run in IDE, or by a gradle in Forgelin project, it works good. I know that because Forgelin itself is written in Kotlin and wouldn't work without kotlinfml language loaded, plus there's a bunch of debug statements in the log.


However, when built and placed into mods/ folder of a normal Forge client, it fails to find requested mod loader. I'll be thankful for any kind of help/information.


Also, in case this is needed, here's a built jar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cXkSHTV9ZeJfMB3pXapXdykrBWuun3V-/view?usp=sharing

Obviously, I'm not asking anyone to run it, but it's here for the reference.

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Oh, I get it now. In dev env, mod classes are compiled and added directly to classpath, meaning the classes are known to the runtime when FMLLoader instantiates LanguageLoader. After that, additional languages are only loaded for mods with




That eliminates the issue, also making it simpler for the dev because they no longer need to specify Forgelin as a dependency.

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