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[SOLVED] forge unable to plant/grow nether wart


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A few days ago (on a previous version of forge for 1.13.2) I noticed a problem. I tried updating forge and all other mods 1st hoping that would fix the issue but no luck. So, the next day I took the time to go through the mods to find the problem. 1 of the problems I noticed was from another mod (went away after I removed that mod) but the other one stayed even after I removed all mods from my mods folder. So I tested in a profile for 1.13.2 that did not have forge just to be sure and the problem was not there leaving no question as to what is causing the issue. I then tried to update forge again since a newer version was out (installed the version posted in the title to test) but it is still having the same issue. Anyway, to give a bit more detail the problem is that I am unable to plant/grow nether wart. However, before you ask I an not new to the game and did try to plant it on soul sand (not dirt) but I figure you know that already since I was able to plant it when I switched to profile without forge or other mods installed. I also tried adding/removing light sources and opening a new save game in creative to quickly try planting it in new biome/game but got no change. I hold the wart and right click on the soul sand with no luck (does not do any animation or allow me to plant at all just remains in hand) but other plants are all working fine.


Edit/update: I just tried backing up my saved worlds than deleting the .minecraft folder and not change. I also update my mods and forge whenever possible (I check for updates at least once a day and update as needed) but still not working.

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Ok duh!  I came up with a super simple  solution to this problem. 

(side note. Forge also won’t let me place mine cart track over hoppers).  


Save and quit

quit the main game 

relaunch the regular version of the game 

open your world place the items you need to place 

save and quit and relaunch in forge. 

Pain in the butt but it works to at least be able to grow the wart.  Till there is a fix 


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