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[1.12.2] Item textures are invisible??? (Actually invisible, not missing)


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I'm seriously confused with this.


I'm making a mod with a ridiculously large variety of weapons but for some reason only things with a custom model have a texture. Everything that uses the basic "handheld" or "generated" default item models have no texture. And I don't mean they have that square purple-and-black "missing texture" texture, I mean they are just invisible.


I thought maybe because I was trying to use 32x32 textures (with an upscaled item model basically to make big-looking weapons without awful quality) and I'd never done above 24x24 before, but even switching back to 24x24 or even 16x16 or whether I use the scaled model or the default Vanilla one, they're still just invisible.


The invisible textures have no transparency (though semi/transparency still works perfectly fine in some other custom-model items that DO show up and use it) and are made in RGB format in GIMP no differently from the thousand other times I've made working textures. Clearing cache and re-doing the workspace setup with gradle didn't help. All files are properly synced between the /src and /bin folders. I have no issue like this with any other project on 1.12.2 or any other version.


So I'm completely clueless as to what's going on and I'm out of ideas to try.

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You mentioned the cache, but did you also try deleting the build folder?  If not, try deleting it (running the "clean" task does this).

Other than that, what diesieben said, since there are too many different things that could go wrong to guess...maybe the UV is off, maybe the render isn't being called at all for some reason, etc.

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7 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Well, it would help if you posted some way for us to reproduce this problem. Ideally a working Git repository of your mod.

When I had this bug it was caused by me using "layer_0" instead of "layer0" in my model's textures. This is unlikely to be your problem though. As diesieben07 said, post your code. 

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