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  1. Please show your full code. Especially your container and tile entity
  2. VBOs are always on now. This is an implementation detail that you shouldn’t need to know about though, what are you doing?
  3. Your block’s shape should match the shape of your model. Show your code.
  4. You could have a copy of the vanilla block in your mod that is the exact same + always true water logged
  5. If your mod is successful then you can always backport in the future. The best way to code a mod is to write it for the latest version and do your best to make it is future proof as possible by abstracting what you can and always using the most up to date way of doing stuff.
  6. Look at usages of both and gain a good understanding of what they’re used for and their differences
  7. How does vanilla do it when you’re sneaking/flying/crawling? Also the model is just for rendering. It doesn’t control the size of the entity
  8. Use the same logger. Use LogManager.getLogger() and then apply your own config for your mod (via the package name).
  9. Fix this, you really need to be able to see the vanilla code for modding. If you have trouble with it ask for help. Look at the horse code. It’s probably something like a timer in the entity + setting rotations in the Renderer based on that timer.
  10. Read this: https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.15.1/forge/1.4-proxies You’re better off extending the Arrow and adding the spin in your renderer (similar time the arrow shake) as it already sticks into stuff
  11. Run this in the client setup event. You can also use DistExecutor to run code only on a specific side but be careful with lambdas and the verifier.
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