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Items won't show in game after recreating a workspace


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I made a repository to make it easy for others to help debug my code:



I decided to change the name of some packages, but soon realized this messed up a lot of things. I ended up redoing the whole "./gradlew setupdecompworkspace" and recreating all of my classes and redoing the .java files, but when I launched the game up again, there were no items. I have made two items so far:

One block named: gfuel_tank

One Item named: gfuel_packet

The items aren't showing up in the creative tab, and also aren't showing up when I use the /give command.

Any help or tips to make my program more efficient would be extremely helpful. I only started java development a few days ago, but I have a small amount of C++ knowledge so I understand most of what is happening. Thanks!

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You never add your registry handler class to the game’s event bus, so your registry handlers are never called.

To fix the problem, annotate your registry handler class with @EventBusSubscriber.


Apart from that, there are some bad practices in your code:

  • Stop using ItemBase and BlockBase (abusing inheritance).
  • Do not use static initializers (likely to cause unpredictable errors).
  • Stop using IHasModel (all items and blocks have models, thus the IHasModel interface is unnecessary).

The detailed reasons are listed here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/topic/61757-common-issues-and-recommendations/

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Some tips:


Modder Support:


1. Do not follow tutorials on YouTube, especially TechnoVision (previously called Loremaster) and HarryTalks, due to their promotion of bad practice and usage of outdated code.

2. Always post your code.

3. Never copy and paste code. You won't learn anything from doing that.



Programming via Eclipse's hotfixes will get you nowhere

5. Learn to use your IDE, especially the debugger.



The "picture that's worth 1000 words" only works if there's an obvious problem or a freehand red circle around it.

Support & Bug Reports:


1. Read the EAQ before asking for help. Remember to provide the appropriate log(s).

2. Versions below 1.11 are no longer supported due to their age. Update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.



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