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  1. In modern versions of Minecraft, project setup is done by importing the gradle workspace into your IDE instead of pointing the project workspace to the eclipse folder.
  2. Custom clients are not supported on this forum, and are not encouraged in general (yes, clients such as BLC and Lunar are looked down upon in the modding community due to violation of Mojang's wishes and account security threats). If you want to modify the game, use a mod instead (although keep in mind that "anti-cheat" clients and fundamentally flawed and will not work).
  3. Commands are no longer client-sided. Alternatively, you could subscribe to ClientChatEvent and directly interpret the player's input there.
  4. Haven't tested this, but have you tried using reflection to change the Item#maxStackSize field?
  5. That should be fine. I thought you meant that the DeferredRegistry isn't working for the IRegistries
  6. It is preferred that blocks, items and entities are registered via DeferredRegistry. Can you post your code regarding the DeferredRegistry that you said didn't work?
  7. Check out RenderingRegistry and its methods. (Basically call RenderingRegistry::registerEntityRenderingHandler during FMLClientSetupEvent) This sounds concerning. How are you registering everything then?
  8. Those are problems with the specific shader, not shaders in general. If you want to add reflections and waves, then using a shader is by far the best way to go. What specific changes are you trying to implement? It would be much easier to help if we know what you are trying to do specifically.
  9. 1. That method triggers on both the client and the server side. You will need to check the side with World#isRemote. 2. Your overriding method does not have the correct signatures (please learn Java before attempting to write a mod).
  10. Hi. You need to add the velocity to the entity, not negate its current velocity (that doesn't make mathematical sense). FACING is a DirectionProperty, which is a blockstate property. It does not contain a value by itself, but rather act as a key to a value stored in the blockstate.
  11. In that case, I'm afraid you are far from updating the mod. All the "launching of IntelliJ" is going to do is load the Gradle file, which is only used to setup the workspace (and other misc stuff such as building the mod). It won't give an error as long as you have a valid build.gradle. After that, you will still have to actually update the code. I would expect a mod like Witchery to have about 80000+ lines of code, and the majority of those need to be rewritten due to the large update. I would suggest to learn more about Minecraft modding first before tackling on a large project like this.
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