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[1.12.2] Horizon colour going crazy in certain areas.


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I've hit an issue with a mod I am working on where the colour of the sky just above the horizon will rapidly change based on the movement of the player, even within vanilla biomes. It appears that, if the x or z coordinates go about 255, this area of the sky becomes black. I've done a lot of investigation into `getSkyColorByTemp` (which, to my understanding, changes the overhead sky color) but that's either returning the vanilla default or a static value and this bug isn't biome dependant anyway. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to be able to share the code publicly so I do not expect a solution. I would be grateful, however, if anyone who might know a bit more about this area could point me in the direction of what controls the color of this particular area of the sky, as I believe I could work out the solution once I know where to look.






The issue was a calculation error in my colour manipulation class. Minor changes in colour were being magnified to extremes.

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- no code

- no logs

- no examples of the issue

We really don’t have much to work with

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I expected as much as a reply despite my stating the details I could :/.


No code: I cannot legally post my code in public, even though it is unrelated to my work, under my current contract. I'm sorry about this but at the moment, I cannot do anything about this.


No logs: There's no logs because I don't even know what I can possibly log from it. There are no errors, Forge doesn't natively post logs of the colours it uses to display the sky and all my attempts to the log the values being passed through 'getSkyColorByTemp', the only function I am aware has anything to do with this, show that I am consistently supplying Forge with the correct value for the sky colour (and, as mentioned, this is occurring in vanilla biomes so it's not even as though I have overwritten the sky colour there).


No examples of the issue: I could post a screenshot if you really want but it'll just show a vanilla Minecraft biome with sky the flickers between all the colours of the rainbow as I move. The change seemingly tied to the x and z coordinates (but not the y) and limited to the area x:0 - 256, y:0 - 256. Outside of that area the sky is black.


As I mentioned, I don't expect anything to come of this, I posted to see if there was anyone who knew of other Forge methods that affect sky colour beyond the 'getSkyColorByTemp' function.


Edit: After some further thinking, this may be a fault in my FogEventHandler when handling areas that are not supposed to be using custom fog. I could be wrong with this but it's the only other area I can think of that could be causing this effect.

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