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FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7.10. (White list Server) (Market) (Player shops) (Player Economy)


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Server IP use this to connect to the Expert Pack: infe.evminecraft.com

Server IP use this to connect to the Normal Pack: inf.evminecraft.com



Server Type and Play style: { FTB: Infinity Evolved} FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7.10 - Normal l Mode

Modpack Version: FTB Infinity Evolved - Normal Mode v. 3.1.0


{Whitelisted Server} {Staff Needed} {Dedicated Server} {Rewards} {Twilight Forest Enabled} {Ranks} {Player Economy} {Admin Shops} {Market} {Player Shops} {Market} {Survival} {RPG} {PvE} {FTB} {Land Claim} {Admin Sell Shop}| {Rewards} {Ranks} {Economy} {Survival} {Build Contests} {Custom Mining World} {Public Crafting Stations} {Custom Mining World}


Emerald Valley offers a wonderful play experience within a growing community, our server provides a unique custom built spawns for the Nether, End, Mining world and Over world.

Our server features a specially created custom market world where you can rent shops and purchase and sell materials while participating in the economy. Along with buying and selling items, Jobs are one of the systems we have setup to help support the economy and allow players to earn an extra income.

Our spawn features crafting rooms that players can use to help get started playing on Emerald Valley.

Ranks that allow you to advance and obtain rewards as you play on Emerald Valley.

If you would like to be more involved in Emerald valley's community we have a active Discord server and a forum on our website you can participate in.

Discord: discord.gg/Hm2stBU Website: https://emeraldvalley.enjin.com/

Important Updates and announcements. 

Emerald Valley Has moved to a dedicated server and the world has just recently been reset.

Emerald Valley has been updated to the latest version 3.1.0

The Twilight Forest Enabled on Emerald Valley

RFTools/dimensions have recently been enabled on our server for high ranked players.

Custom Mining world has been added to Emerald Valley.



Emerald Valley is a community being built on hard work, dedication, and the promise to make members of this community, new and veteran, our number 1 priority. We put YOU as the player above everything else as your experience and time within our community we take to heart, and with that, we have gone above and beyond to assure our server(s) meet your expectations.

With a community comes the occasional mishaps and toxic players bringing negativity to the playerbase, but we planned for this.Our staff team provides exceptional service 24/7, all of them experienced in the modpacks within the servers they staff along with constant want to grow and learn more.

Along with the many other things our server has to provide, we want to welcome you to the Emerald Valley Community where our goal is to be the gemstone centerpiece in

service to the MC Players all over. So come on in and join Emerald Valley, where YOU are our priority. 

Server IP use this to connect to the Expert Pack: infe.evminecraft.com

Server IP use this to connect to the Normal Pack: inf.evminecraft.com


Emerald Valley is a server where players can have a fun and an enjoyable time as part of the community we're growing over the many years to come. We are hard at work everyday looking for ways to improve the experience you have as a member of this community. Over time we plan on improving and adding to the experience you have while playing Emerald Valley.




24/7 Friendly Staff Availability
Custom Spawn
Minimal Banned Items
Custom Server Plug-Ins
Crate Keys
Daily Rewards & Vote Rewards
Timed Ranks
Monthly Reset for the Nether, End, & the Mining World.

Twilight Forest Enabled

General Rules

  1. Be respectful to staff members and community members alike do not discriminate against others.

  2. English only in the server and the Discord.

  3. Racial, Anti-Semitic, and all around destructive behavior towards the server, members, or staff will NOT be tolerated.

  4. Keep texts to a minimum. No text walls or spammed messages.

  5. Political, Religious, or NSFW subjects are NOT allowed on the server or Discord.


Sever IP Address:


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updated server the white-list and added information
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Emeralds Valley IP has changed. 

Server IP use this to connect to the Expert Pack: infe.evminecraft.com

Server IP use this to connect to the Normal Pack: inf.evminecraft.com


Emerald Valley now has an Infinity Evolved Expert Server. With Customized Mobs for added difficulty.

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