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Spinning Entities around Origin


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I've got this question and it's more of a math question (I just got into high school so please don't expect too much).


I have a entity that grabs nearby blocks (block entities like sand) and spins them around the entity. Kind of like a tornado that just spins blocks in circles.


How can I find the X and Z position of these spinning blocks based on - the position of the entity controlling these blocks, the radius/distance between the entity and the flying block and the rotation orbit?


I currently found something similar to this:

this.targetX = this.posX + xMod*orbitRadius * Math.cos(orbitDegree);
this.targetZ = this.posZ + zMod*orbitRadius * Math.sin(orbitDegree);


but it didn't work (pushed out all the blocks outwards and that's all).

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Tried inverting the addition to pull in.  And add an addition inside the trig functions to rotate?


What?! I don't really understand..


What I'm trying to get is to have blocks orbiting around an origin. I'm not sure what math I have to do to calculate the position of where these blocks should fly.

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You are also multipying by xMod/zMod, no clue what those are or what the surrounding code looks like?


Those two variables are multiplied. They are either -1 or 1. If the position is negative, the xMod and zMod will be negative. This is used to make sure they fly the correct direction. \


The surrounding code aren't really related to this. I was testing and trying to make it orbit. Basically we have an entity that is walking around. If the entity goes close enough range to a specific position, the position will pull the entity towards it orbiting around it. Kind of like a block that has massive gravity.

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