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[1.12.2 MC Mod Custom Furnace] Program always crashes after running


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Why did you upload your code as files here? Use github.



public class TestFurnace extends Block implements ITileEntityProvider

Don't implement ITileEntityProvider, this interface is not needed. Just override Block#hasTileEntity and Block#createTileEntity


You don't need the setState method. Just override TileEntity#shouldRefresh.


The fact that you are using InventoryHelper.dropInventoryItems makes me suspicious of your TileEntity implementing IInventory. Never implement IInventory, use capabilities instead.


	public EnumBlockRenderType getRenderType(IBlockState state) 
		return EnumBlockRenderType.MODEL;

Why? Block#getRenderType already returns MODEL.


as for your issue:

You have never told the block state container that your block has the BURNING property associated with it in Block#createBlockState. You must put all the properties you wish to use there.


Additionally you are not (de)serializing your BURNING property in getStateFromMeta nor getMetaFromState. You must do it in order for the property to persist.

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