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[1.8] Detecting when player releases item (for gun mod)


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Hello, I'm working on a mod that implements guns by extending the ItemBow class. I am currently using onItemRightClick as the trigger to fire the gun. In an attempt to make semi-automatic weapons (i.e. clicking mouse fires once, and won't fire again until the mouse is released), I call setItemInUse each time it is triggered, and then set a boolean "hasReleased" that prevents this method from running again until onPlayerStoppedUsing is called. However, onPlayerStoppedUsing does not usually trigger. If I'm correct, this i because it will only trigger if the player releases the mouse button during the time limit of "getMaxItemUseDuration".


Basically, does anyone know of a way to either set the value of "this.getMaxItemUseDuration" to infinity (so that the item can be "used" forever without finishing a cycle) or a way to detect the player releasing the mouse button even after that duration has ended?

(I'm also very open to suggestions if anyone knows of a better way that I should be doing this.)

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Sorry we don't support 1.8 or any version under 1.10 on this forum anymore due to their age. We simply don't know how to help you anymore. You can go to the Minecraft Forum where I think that they still still support older versions, or update to a modern version of Minecraft (the latest version or the one before it) to receive support on this forum.

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