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[1.13.2-25.0.214] BlockFarmland.class passes the wrong blockState to canSustainPlant

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Just noticed this bug when making custom Farmland extending from BlockFarmland.


This is what it looks like:

private boolean hasCrops(IBlockReader p_176529_0_, BlockPos worldIn) {
    IBlockState state = p_176529_0_.getBlockState(worldIn.up());
    return state.getBlock() instanceof net.minecraftforge.common.IPlantable && canSustainPlant(state, p_176529_0_, worldIn, EnumFacing.UP,

This is what it should look like imo:

private boolean hasCrops(IBlockReader p_176529_0_, BlockPos worldIn) {
    IBlockState plantState = p_176529_0_.getBlockState(worldIn.up());
    IBlockState blockState = p_176529_0_.getBlockState(worldIn);
    return plantState.getBlock() instanceof net.minecraftforge.common.IPlantable && canSustainPlant(blockState, p_176529_0_, worldIn,
        EnumFacing.UP, (net.minecraftforge.common.IPlantable)plantState.getBlock());

The reason is that the first argument of canSustainPlant should be the blockState of the supporting block, here farmland. The method is being passed the state of the plant, however.

For me, this caused a crash, because in my CustomFarmland's canSustainPlant method, I checked an IProperty from the passed state, however the plant state that was passed doesn't have that IProperty. Ended up just overriding tick() so I don't have a problem here anymore.

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